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Branding is our most valuable core competency. Everything we do is rooted in helping you maintain a cohesive, distinctive and memorable brand. It is something we preach and practice every day. And it works. Read about our strategic Day One process to create a new brand or refresh a sleepy one.


If you sell a product or service, run a non-profit or aim to influence behaviors, you are engaged in marketing. Your brand promise and personality are all part of the message we help you craft – in the most imaginative ways – using the right tools and channels to make a lasting impression.


Here is a truth you experience each day as you surf the web, watch a video, open a direct-mail piece, react to an email or walk down the street: visuals are sticky. Effective design in any medium is the most powerful, remembered feature of any communication. It is also one of our key strengths.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

When you strip away everything that might make Waldinger seem similar to other creative agencies, this client comment sums up the X factor of our 30-year success story:

“Once we chose Waldinger, I stopped worrying. I really did. I knew we could relax and sleep comfortably because everything would be handled thoroughly, thoughtfully, creatively and competently – without a hitch. And I was right."

You will love the quality and creativity of our end product and the journey we all travel to get there. You will be excited about doing more work together. That’s because we clothe ourselves in your concerns. We get to the heart of your brand and become enthusiastic stakeholders in your future. Whatever the challenge, large or small: Relax. We’re on it.

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To see more examples of branding, marketing and design – including campaigns, print communications, websites, videos, displays, signage, direct-mail and much more – go to our full Portfolio.

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We support Helping Up Mission through clothing donations, give blood to the American Red Cross, foster literacy efforts through book drives, invest our sweat equity to help Moveable Feast grow and provide nutritious foods to homebound people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions, actively participate in #GivingTuesday, and advocate for local businesses on Small Business Saturday. We love what we do and we love our community, too.

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