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The Conversation

Day One begins with a collaborative discussion we facilitate with your key people. It’s a conversation unlike any you have had before. It is challenging, thought-provoking, revealing and energizing.

Where You Are Now

Together, we take an honest look at your current situation. How would you describe it? It’s a loaded question but produces huge insight. It provides a valuable backdrop for what’s to come.

What You Know

We take stock of your primary (and perceived) targets, leaders and competitors in your space, and the trends influencing your results. We also assess your brand’s strengths and challenges.

Where You Could Be

We discuss your vision and aspirations. We reach agreement on real, measurable criteria for success and start to build the strategic underpinnings for brand consistency and focus going forward.

What You Gain

You will be able to clearly articulate: (1) your most important targets; (2) your reason for being; and (3) your defining, own-able attributes as a brand. This leads to a sharper focus on your authentic personality, where to direct your efforts and how to shape your message.

A Memorable Face

These learnings form the basis for the creative expression of your new or refreshed brand. It could include a new or enhanced logo, a positioning tagline, new website, color palette, brand-centered image gallery and much more. Each will become the most remembered features of your brand.

The Hidden Treasure

One of the most valuable aspects of the Day One is the collaborative component itself – your team being together to have this one-of-a-kind conversation. It produces consensus, buy-in, shared ownership, passionate cheerleaders and fierce advocates for your brand.

Your Creative Compass

When you write a postcard, you are forced to “keep it simple”. Our Day One Strategic Postcard does the same. It seeks to capture the essence of everything revealed by the Day One. It forces simple clarity and becomes a useful creative compass for your brand.

A Fresh Start

The Day One makes important discoveries about your brand’s strengths. It provides the launching pad for a steady stream of successes. It promises a fresh start and new beginning. Are you ready to take the first step?