Sustainability Communications

Annual reporting and rollout

Communicating an effective sustainability message to important stakeholder groups while building success over time isn’t easy. And the perils of doing it wrong can have lasting consequences for an organization’s perceived credibility (both internally and externally). Through our years-long collaboration with FMC Corporation, we have had the privilege to produce fresh, relevant thematic concepts, award-winning print and web design, effective report and online content, and a range of related communications tools. Through the use of smart, quick-read infographics that peel away complexities to convey simple ideas – cascading them further through email, video, PowerPoint, signage, dimensionals, social media and beyond – FMC is able to radiate its core values to key constituencies. The result: measurable progress across all metrics and steady growth in engagement.
Heading layer
Heading layer

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To see more examples of branding, marketing and design – including campaigns, print communications, websites, videos, displays, signage, direct-mail and much more – go to our full Portfolio.

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